Why isn't Pacifica completely free?

We've (Dale and I) put a lot of sweat into building Pacifica. We decided to quit our jobs in the Fall of 2014 so that we could focus on creating the best mental health app possible. It took us over 9 months to create the first version. We're very proud of what we've built, but there's a long ways to go.

We decided early on that in order to create a full-featured ecosystem, Pacifica needed to be able to sustain itself. Releasing the app to the public was the first step in that direction. But with our public release comes a lot of additional expenses: hosting fees, legal fees, bug fixes, customer support (including this forum). And of course, we want to keep adding new features to the app.

The bottom line is that we're committed to building the best mental health app out there to help you. But we can't do that unless we charge a small price for it. 

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    Gladys Olmo Martínez

    Thanks PACÍFICA, I am learning slow but I keep going.

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